Last fall when I was teaching in Olney, Illinois while driving to the workshop each day I drove past this and did a double take.  Too cute- a village of gnomes!  So on my last day there when I was heading out of town I decided to stop and visit Gnomeville and share these pictures with you.

Group with Dancing couple

I have two gnomes of my own, one that supervised the garden last summer and a second one that I just received as a Christmas present.  I think my gnomes need their own tree house just like these in Gnomeville.

Tree with door

So it appears when gnomes are not playing or working hard they do a lot of snoozing.

Sleeping in a hammock

Three Sleeping

I never knew there are also gnome squirrels! The things I learn on my travels.

Two with rabbbit

Looks like I was there on wash day.

Wash Day

Just looking at these pictures makes me smile. I’m so glad that I get pleasure from the small things in life (pun intended)!


5 thoughts on “Gnomeville

  1. Pat, loved your pictures on gnomes, come spring you will have to have someone build you a tree house for you gnomes and maybe design a quilt around these little fellas… Challenge?????

  2. Absolutely wonderful Pat. It would be Illinois as well. Hope you had a great holiday and you travel more throughout Illinois and come play in Peoria some other time again. Thanks for your inspiration and your great books, and I think the Gnomes also need their own special quilts.

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