Carson City Block Play

While making the Carson City Block for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 6 I took the time to play with the units before sewing them all together.

This is the Carson City block that appears in the magazine.

This is variation #1. I took the corner units and gave them a turn so the pink squares are now on the outer corners of the block.

For variation #2 I turned the side units to point away from the center of the block.

For variation #3 I gave each of the side and corner units a 180 degree turn.

Whenever I take the time to do this before sewing a block together I am always amazed at the wonderful variations that appear.  I also want to make a quilt out of each of them and then I start to think about how to set those blocks into quilts and what about the secondary designs . . . . . the ideas go on forever!

Many times people ask me where I come up with the names for my quilts or blocks.  If it’s a traditional block that has been around forever I tend to use that name.  When it is a block I have designed, then it’s usually harder for me to come up with a new name than it was to design the block to begin with!

So why did I call this block Carson City?  Well I decided to name some of my blocks after state capitals- that way I’ll learn the capitals again, something that I have not memorized since 4th or 5th grade! And then I can also spend more time quilting and less time fussing over a name!

Have fun with these blocks!



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