Springfield Antique Malls

Travelling to teach my next workshop, I managed to get to five antique malls in and around Springfield, Illinois in one day.  So much to see!  It was definitely the day for quilts using double pink fabrics.

These first three quilts I could very easily see myself making.

A Nine Patch with four patches.

Broken Dishes

Irish Chain

And this last quilt is a Lemoyne Star which is not on my “to do” list.  I’ve made a couple of these blocks before and do not find them fun.  Maybe I could tackle this as an English paper piecing project.

And then just when you think you have seen everything along comes a patchwork jacket. And not just any quilted jacket but this is from double knit polyester! Truly one of a kind.

What can I say – it made me smile!



2 thoughts on “Springfield Antique Malls

  1. I just bought a new ruler for the Lemoyne Star…Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star. Perfect every time but there is a bit of waste since they are cut oversize…..maybe this might make your to do list.

  2. I have to make Lemoyne Star blocks for the Taylorville guild..I’ve scoured the internet to find an easy way..haha..lots of info but I haven’t had time to test them…hopefully soon.

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