Shrug for Wedding Dress Part 2

I know it’s been a while, but here’s how the shrug for the wedding dress turned out! Follow the link to the first shrug posting if you missed it.

Step 1. While Roxie was wearing the shirt I sketched pencil lines where we wanted the edges of the shrug to be.  I then took the shirt apart. Rather than ripping out the seams I carefully cut right along the seam line.

Step 2. I taped the shirt parts to a piece of non fusible interfacing and drew in a 5/8″  seam allowance all the way around the shirt pieces.  After quilting and using a scant 1/4″ seam for years I really had to pay attention to using a 5/8″ seam the whole time I was making the dresses and shrug for Roxie.

Step 3. I used the my new pattern pieces to cut out the parts for the shrug and then assembled it. And Hooray! It fit her perfectly!

And since the shrug is completely lined it was possible to make it reversible.  Roxie chose a blue and black lumberjack plaid for the second fabric, since the wedding was plaid themed.

Here are pictures of Roxie and Tom from the wedding. This first one was taken during the ceremony. Roxie is wearing the shrug with the solid teal fabric on the outside, which matched the sash in her dress.

Then, during the reception it didn’t take Roxie long to switch the shrug to the lumberjack plaid side as the happy couple picked up instruments and joined in with the evening’s entertainment.

It turned out to be a chilly evening, so I was really glad that Roxie had the perfect shrug to go over her sleeveless dress. Let me tell you, all my sewing and quilting skills came in handy for this wedding!


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