Shrug for Wedding Dress

I’m making my daughter Roxie her wedding dress and along with it a shrug.  The dress needed several adjustments to the bodice before it was a good fit but I assumed a jacket or shrug should be able to fit without any alterations. Big mistake.

Plan A was to make the shrug from this pattern

Here is the unfinished attempt from the pattern.  It was too large across the top of the shoulders, too tight across the upper back, and too tight in the armholes.  At this point there was no fixing what had already been stitched and trimmed away. Material was gone and time was running out.

The thought of starting from scratch and altering the existing pattern, making a sample from muslin like I did the wedding dress bodice, buying more material, and making it from the new material was a little overwhelming.

Plan B was to go shopping and buy one. Certainly stores in malls have these, right?  Wrong.  And we didn’t mess around with just any mall we went to The Mall.

As we were going from store to store and striking out every time, the thought came to me that I could take a shirt that fit Roxie just right through the shoulders and arms and make a pattern from the shirt.  I didn’t want a repeat of the last attempt at using a purchased pattern.

Plan C: head to Goodwill and find a shirt with the perfect fit.

Here’s the shirt:

I’m working on making up the new pattern now and things are looking promising! I’ll post soon with the outcome. Ten days until the wedding and I’ve still got the dress and wedding quilt to finish!



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