Tulsa Retreat Part 3

Yes, these are more pictures from the Nickel Mania retreat held by the Green Country Quilters in Tulsa, OK. When you are able to choose from any of my published quilts to work on, there is a lot of variety and many pictures to be taken!

A view from the front of the lodge.  We had a great work area with plenty of room to spread out.

These are blocks for the Shoo Fly quilt found in the More Nickel Quilt book.

Here are two versions of the Hopscotch quilt which appears in the Nickel Quilts & Borders book as well as being an individual pattern.

This Hopscotch quilt includes the vertical sashing strips between the columns. This is the style that is shown in patterns.

And this Hopscotch quilt is constructed without the vertical sashing.  Both are wonderful!

Sunny Lanes is in the first Nickel Quilt book and a perfect quilt to use up everything.

Next are two Steamboat Springs quilts and this pattern is found in the Nickel Quilts & Borders book. I love being able to see the different fabric choices.

The Minnesota Windmill quilt is in Amazing Nickel Quilts and below are some blocks already being auditioned with the sashing strips.

Over twenty different quilts were being worked on this retreat weekend.  And participants were also encouraged to practice the different techniques demonstrated even if they didn’t need them for the quilt they were currently working on.  Because once you start with Nickel Quilts you won’t want to stop!

I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished quilts from this weekend!


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