Tulsa Retreat Part 2

This is just one of the views we were able to enjoy over the weekend during the Nickel Mania retreat in Tulsa.

The other views were being able to see all the quit blocks going up on the design walls all around the room.

Time to show of some student projects! This is Streak of Lightning from my first book, Nickel Quilts.  By careful placement of color within the block a whole new look is given to the quilt.

These are Texas Two Step star blocks and the quilt is in the Amazing Nickel Quilts book.  Alternate shoo fly blocks will complete the design.

Tillie’s Treasure is also found in Nickel Quilts.  Great in any assortments of fabrics.

Here are two colorways of  the Morning Star Quilt from Nickel Quilts.  I love them both!

Many components for the Jacob’s Ladder quilt are shown below.  The quilt is in More Nickel Quilts.

What a great experience it was for these quilters to be able see a good variety of the Nickel Quilts being worked on over the weekend.  No matter what kind of fabric you like to work with it will make a great Nickel Quilt!


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