Tulsa Trip

Packed and ready to leave, hoping that I had everything because there’s certainly not room to fit in very much more! There are six tubs of quilts stacked in the back of the van along with my two very large suitcases and two moving carts. Roxie loaded the van for me and worked out the careful arrangement of everything (one of her favorite games is Tetris).

The center part of the van gets loaded with book, patterns, fabric, and the design walls.

Here’s the route starting in St. Paul, MN and ending at the Tulakogee Conference Center in Wagoner, OK. It’s about a 12 hour drive with gas and fast food stops.  Yes, I know fast food is bad but I resort to it when driving long distances. Happiness is getting to the restaurant two minutes before a tour bus group!

This is where 39 quilters from the Green Country Quilt Guild and I gathered for a weekend of non-stop Nickel Quilting!

More information on the retreat to follow in future postings. I decided I have to limit myself on how much time I spend on the computer or nothing else gets done!



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