Roxie and I were on a road trip to Iowa at the end of June and had time to brainstorm about her upcoming wedding. One of the things we decided on was that the people helping serve food at the picnic/reception for around 200 guests needed aprons. A new tradition Roxie and I have started is to spend my birthday hitting thrift shops – we both love it. June 29th was my birthday and what should I find at one of the first thrift shops we hit in our old hometown but a pattern for aprons! I decided it was perfect. Note – goodwill price tag for 88¢

And I just happen to have mass quantities of this vintage drapery fabric.  This is the sample I made up – it still needs a pocket – maybe out of red lumberjack plaid (Tom’s favorite plaid).  Roxie’s future MIL, Mary has volunteered to make the rest of the aprons, all with the same fabric – thank you Mary!

I know this apron will be a big hit among Roxie’s friends and relatives and they will be signing up to help serve at the reception just to get one of these!  I’m glad I found another use for this vintage fabric – it’s also going on the back of the wedding quit.


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