Batiks Galore

You just have to love the adventure of finding a quilt shop located in the country. Batiks Galore is in Joshua, Texas and not easy to find – not even for Texans! When teaching in Texas a month ago one of the workshops was held at the retreat center here. We even had a GPS and passed this place up twice – we ended up calling someone else who was meeting us there and she told us what buildings to look for. Does this look like the entrance to a quilt shop and retreat facility? It is!

What’s the best (besides the fabric) is the welcoming committee – so if you see these guys you know you are getting close.

And of course, since this place was sooo easy to find the first time, we decided it would make a great meeting location when I was being transferred between guilds (ha!).  I told my next program chairperson it was a good thing she had me with her or she might never find this place and we managed to only pass it by once!

This is the shop with the only sign around letting us quilters know we have finally arrived.

The adventure of finding this place might actually be a marketing strategy – one of those “I survived it” stories. So if you are anywhere near Joshua, Texas just try finding this shop – be sure to pack water and granola bars!


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