Granbury Quilt Guild

Whew! I’ve spent the last couple of days packing 4 tubs of quilts, boxes of product, and workshop handouts to ship to California. It takes a lot to get this show on the road and I am very thankful for all the extra work the program chairpersons do in hauling me and the quilts around.

This is a full size SUV with the back filled with tubs of quilts and boxes – for the best trunk show ever!  I love being able to share the quilts with everyone and they get shipped ahead via FedEx. I wouldn’t be able to bring this many quilts on a plane and I don’t really trust the airlines with my quilts.  In one year alone my suitcases arrived a day after I did on four different trips (not a good track record) and who needs that kind of stress!?

Look at all the quilts – those are 8 foot tables!

Half-Square-Triangles and Four Patches for this workshop – and yes, 15 different quilts can be worked on – oh the possibilities!

I don’t allow participants to get a whole lot of sewing done during class, especially in this class, since they can sew at home. Instead, I keep interrupting with demos – I have so much to share and we have a limited amount of  time together. My mission is that I want everyone to have as much fun working with 5″ squares as I do, so I need to provide tons of ideas to work with.

A stack of 5″ squares –  the possibilities are endless!

Two patch and half-square-triangle units ready to be sewn into blocks.

Beach Party blocks look great with white or black backgrounds (shown below).

Churn Dash blocks.

Jacob’s Ladder blocks.

Shoo Fly blocks are one of the blocks in the Texas Two Step quilt.

Sunny Lanes.

The strangest part of this job is getting to know and becoming friends with the gals I work closely with (like the program chairpersons and if it’s a home stay, my hostess) and then not seeing them again unless I have a return visit to the guild.  Many times like with the Granbury guild it’s the same person.  Marsha was my hostess for this guild and she put up with me for 4 nights. All my hostesses on this trip were wonderful – one of the days I may surprise someone – especially someone in Texas or another southern state and show up on their doorstep in January or February!

Okay gals let’s see those quilts!


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