Fort Worth Quilters

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with the Fort Worth Quilters Guild. The workshop was held at the The Retreat Center at Sunset Ranch. What a great place for classes – built just for quilters with raised cutting stations and all the table tops have special ironing surfaces on them.

The workshop was Half-Square-Triangles and Four Patches; 15 different quilts could be worked on. What fun it is too see all the fabric choices and the blocks going together! Here are a few class pictures:Everyone working away and look at all that design wall space!

Here are Sunny Lanes blocks in 3 very different fabric choices – I love to see the variety.

This is a story I have to tell you about one of the ladies in class – I won’t use names and it’s a good story.  Her mother passed away and she is in the middle of cleaning out her mother’s house, meanwhile stressing out about not having time to cut her 5″ squares for class.  Then, among her mother’s belongings, she comes across two stacks of 5″ squares bundled together, and along with these squares was a supply list for a Nickel Quilt class I taught back in 2009! There’s more – the fabrics were just the colors she needed for the Heritage Trail quilt that she picked out to do in today’s class.  This gave me goosebumps!

Another successful Nickel Quilt class – we didn’t even trip the circuit breakers until 3:00 in the afternoon. Next stop Allen Quilters Guild in Allen, Texas.


2 thoughts on “Fort Worth Quilters

  1. Hi Pat, Loved meeting you and hearing you speak at the FWQG. The icing on your visit was the workshop, where I learned so much. Best Regards.

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