Pinwheel Promenade

This is a quilt I designed several years ago for Windham Fabrics to showcase the fabrics in one of my fabric collections.  I decided it was the perfect quilt to post as a free quilt pattern on my website. Since I wrote the original instructions long ago, I’ve now expanded the information and added photos for many of the steps.  It was really fun to work on a pattern and not have page space be an issue.  Normally I work with illustrations I have drawn and have to scale them down pretty small to make everything fit in a limited number of pages.  What a concept – I can add as many photos as I want – space is no object!

This on-point arrangement is a great setting for a small number of blocks – only 24 blocks in this quilt!  If you have a set of blocks for an unfinished quilt, consider grabbing those blocks and putting them in a vertical strip set like this.

So, hop on over to my website if you’re interested in downloading the free pattern!



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