Best Job in the World!

This time in April I always take the time to think about how lucky I am to have a job I love. For me it doesn’t get any better than this, even when my day is full of packing, errand running, and all those last minute things one has to take care of before a teaching trip. In my prior careers I was an accountant and a dental office manager. As an accountant for 19 years in a public accounting firm, I would give up four months of my life every year – starting January 1st through the end of April – working tons of overtime. How much my life has changed! I still “work” tons of overtime but it’s so much more creative and rewarding. Getting to meet and work with quilters all over the country is the best part of all.

Now I get to play with 5″ squares and figure out how wonderful old traditional blocks could be created from these squares or designing new quilt blocks. This is what’s on my design wall right now:

These are going to be some fun, easy-to-piece rectangular blocks that can use either 5″ squares or 2 1/2″ strips.  I’m trying to decide on what to put in-between the blocks and playing with a few different ideas; sashing strips from assorted fabrics (like what is shown), one fabric used for all the sashing pieces, or pieced sashing from various prints and plaids like I’ve used in the blocks.

Another project I’m having fun with are these adorable churn dash blocks made from waste triangle units.  I’ve placed a tape measure in the photo so you can see the size of them.  Amazingly they are 5″ – so that gives me all kinds of design opportunities. Instructions on both of these blocks will follow in future postings.


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