Finally a Nickel Quilt Blog!

Well I’m finally doing it – starting my blog.  It’s been in the back of my mind for some time now and I suppose it’s like everything I’ve done – you learn as you go.  I have the wonderful opportunity to meet quilters all over the country as I travel and teach my Nickel Quilt methods and this is a way that I can keep in touch with everyone and let them know what is new, what I am up too, and post some great quilt ideas.

The big project I’m working on right now is a perpetual calendar, A Nickel a Day, 366 quilt blocks which use 5″ squares.  It can be used year after year – I love things that I can get lots of use out of and that do not generate more waste. The only downside to this project is that it is almost all computer work and when I am drawn to my sewing machine it means that the calendar work gets put on hold.

This is a sample page from the calendar:

I have more ideas and fabrics for quilts than I will ever get to, but with the knowledge that people are following my progress I hope to get more done and share some great ideas with all of you.

Quilting is the largest part of my life, and will be the center of the blog, but I’ll also undoubtedly mention bits about my life and hobbies like my love reading (this mostly involves books on CD or my mp3). I just love the fact that I can listen to a book and quilt at the same time! Also, this year I am going to start a garden! This will get me out of the house and into the fresh air, as well as having all those great vegetables to eat.

Again, I really have no clue what I am doing on this blog world– but hey that’s what the internet and libraries are for. Thanks for joining me on this Nickel Quilts blog adventure!



3 thoughts on “Finally a Nickel Quilt Blog!

  1. This is wonderful Pat! I am looking forward to your new calendar. Sounds like the perfect gift. After I get one for me, of course!

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